Friday, September 30, 2005

english 009

1 a long, loose outer garment. ? (often robes) such a garment worn, esp. on formal or ceremonial occasions, as an indication of the wearer's rank, office, or profession. ? a dressing gown or bathrobe.

both 〜s;軍人と文官
gentlemen of the (long) 〜;法律家たち(弁護士や裁判官)
follow the 〜;法律家になる.

1 a thin straight bar, esp. of wood or metal. ? a wand or staff as a symbol of office, authority, or power. ? a slender straight stick or shoot growing on or cut from a tree or bush. ? a stick used for caning or flogging. ? ( the rod) the use of such a stick as punishment : if you'd been my daughter, you'd have felt the rod.

1 a dishonest or unprincipled man : you are a rogue and an embezzler. ? a person whose behavior one disapproves of but who is nonetheless likable or attractive (often used as a playful term of reproof) : Cenzo, you old rogue!
2 [usu. as adj. ] an elephant or other large wild animal driven away or living apart from the herd and having savage or destructive tendencies : a rogue elephant. ? a person or thing that behaves in an aberrant, faulty, or unpredictable way : he hacked into data and ran rogue programs.

(of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled : tales of a savage beast | a week of savage storms. ? cruel and vicious; aggressively hostile : they launched a savage attack on the budget.


departing from an accepted standard.正道[軌道]を踏みはずした, 異常な

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